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Activities Salusphaera with EMS you can reduce body fat, alleviate or eliminate back pain, increases metabolism.


For all levels of fitness

In 20 minutes:

  • It tones up
  • It reduces body fat
  • It improves circulation and reduces cellulite
  • It relieves or eliminates back pain
  • It models and defines
  • It increases metabolism
  • Improves sporting performance: strength, endurance, balance
  • It improves symptoms of incontinence
  • It loosens muscle tensions
  • It reduces localized fat
  • It improves posture
  • It increases stress resistance and load capacity


Your personal training

Depending on the specific needs Salusphaera offers fitness trails, athletic training, toning, strengthening and slimming courses general and / or localized.
Many years of experience in the industry, the technical preparation of the staff and the support of qualified doctors allows us to analyze each situation by studying the most appropriate route.
Our expertise is at your disposal to know without obligation the best solution for you!


Our complementary services

Dedicated to those who really do not want to waste time or love to feel pampered!
Salusphaera provides all necessary  for training and post-training: you will need to bring with you only your  own presence, we  will give you all shower materials, intimate disposable, and all that is needed!
No more bags to prepare,  nothing more washes at the end of the day, no more thoughts to organize their fitness session ... Training from us is whole health and zero stress!


The century workout in 20 minutes now it's possible

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